Where Are They Now: 7 Dates in 7 Days

I’ve gotten a lot of questions since my ‘7 Dates in 7 Days’ article, so I decided to do a follow up! Just like they do on The Bachelor! Yup, I'm just that cool. This is my very own "After The Final Rose Special," except, I'm still alone. So I'm calling it "Where Are They Now" so It's slightly less sad.



Where is: Mr. Right?


Mr. Right and I stopped texting after I recommended a TV show and he hated it. It wasn’t until the day I posted the article, I got a text from him saying, “Thanks for the positive review lol. Aside from that, it’s well written. I didn’t know you were such a good writer."

He “didn’t know” I was such a good writer? What, did he think I was an illiterate snooze-fest beforehand? As much as I appreciated the validation, I would’ve rephrased the compliment if I were him. But anyway!

That initial text then snowballed into a conversation about serial dating and emotional availability. Correction: The conversation ended when I brought up the topic of emotional availability. Perhaps this discussion would’ve been better suited for him and his therapist.

He may not be my Mr. Right, nor have great taste in TV shows, but at least he’s a fan of the Blog, so I have that going for me!



Where is: Mr. Irish?


After my extremely awkward first date with Mr. Irish, I somehow managed to convince myself it was a brilliant idea for us to go on a second date… to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

I tried to go into it with an open mind…but as the Pinot Grigio buzz wore off, so did my optimism. Yes, I downed a large glass of wine before he picked me up, okay? I’m not quite sure why I thought it was a good idea to go a theme park with someone I could barely hold a two-minute conversation with, but there we were.

Fun Fact: if you don’t have great chemistry with someone, waiting in lines together for an hour can be physically painful.

We spent roughly five hours together at this park, yet I cannot tell you one thing we talked about. I do remember that he kept trying to hold me, even though we weren't speaking to each other. 

In fact, this date was pretty much just me avoiding all of his passes in complete silence, while actors dressed up as killer clowns were chasing after us.

Four mazes later, I told him I was tired and ready to head home. I was starving at the time, but the thought of spending another minute with him made that 2:00am Dominos delivery, that I ended up ordering after he dropped me off, taste like Thanksgiving dinner!


Where is: Mr. Two Names?

I really didn’t think Mr. Two Names would read this article, but a day after it was posted, I got a text from him saying, “Hey! Yeah sorry I got a new phone that day and none of my contacts were backed up until too late!  Btw nice blog guess I made your 7 dates in 7 days lol sorry I missed the kiss, hope your cats were fun afterwards (insert two laughing emojis)

Not going to lie, I was a little confused about the “Sorry, I got a new phone” bit because I barely spoke to him after politely declining that brunch invitation…so if he really did disappear off the face of the planet, I didn’t notice. But hey! Just in case I did feel ghosted, at least he acknowledged it, I guess…?

Ladies, let me make something real clear. He most definitely still had my number because us, iphone users, (which he was) have a magnificent feature called ‘icloud’ and it backs up everything. Just ask Jennifer Lawrence. If a guy says he lost all his contacts because he, oh I don’t know, dropped his phone in the toilet, disregard this excuse. It’s a lie. He could be saying this for several different reasons, but honestly, it’s not worth wasting your time thinking about. And who cares, anyway? There are plenty, and I mean plenty of guys who would jump at the chance to go on a date with you. And probably even kiss you goodnight!


Where is: Mr. Creep?

Haven’t heard from him, and fingers crossed I never will!


Where is: Mr. Dickhead?


I blocked him on all social media so I didn’t have to see his stupid face. But if you can guess who Mr. Dickhead is, I’ll tweet him a link to ‘7 Dates in 7 Days.’



Where is: Mr. Unexpected?

Did Mr. Unexpected and I keep in touch after our amazing date? Yes! In fact, just a couple days after our first date, we were already planning the second. He originally wanted to do a Star Wars marathon but I felt that was quite the time commitment for someone I barely knew, so we eventually agreed on getting drinks.

The second date was just as great as the first. We talked for hours, played Mancala, laughed a lot, and at the end of the night, he drove me home. Even after he dropped me off, we continued texting until we fell asleep. Things seemed to be going swimmingly!

Until one day when he randomly deleted me off Snapchat because he got back together with his bikini model ex girlfriend. I mean, sure. He may have a bikini model girlfriend, but I have HBO Go and two cats that love me.



Where is: Mr. Great (For a Friend)?

Currently in the process of hooking up Mr. Great (For a Friend) with my girlfriend Rachael because she’s a dime piece and he’s a sweetheart, so hopefully this will end in marriage and I’ll be the Maid of Honor. Stay tuned.



Am I dating anyone right now?

I’ve continued to date around, but I’m happily single! Sure, there are nights I wish I had someone to bring over Fresh Brothers pizza and watch Halloween movies with, but then I remember I have cats.

However, if you're somebody charismatic, hilarious, TALL, handsome, driven, polite, loyal, trustworthy, fun (but not too fun), that’s a lover of Rob Thomas, willing to cook for us, and at least pretends that he loves cats, slide into my DMs and let me blog about you.




P.S Tweet or DM me if you like this idea: A week of blind dates. Getting set up on 7 dates by 7 different friends. Thoughts?