15 Reasons it's Great to be Single

1.     You don't feel the need to constantly be checking your phone. There’s no one worrying that you’re upset with them when you don’t respond to their very important “how are you?” text within two hours. Hell, you can even leave your phone at home and go out for the day. Okay, that’s a bit extreme, but you can leave it in the other room to charge while you try that face mask sample from Sephora you got months ago and totally forgot about.

2.     You’re free to flirt with whomever you want. You know that hot abs guy at Coachella who made eye contact with you for three seconds? You can walk right up and tell him his eyes match the vibe to his aura, or whatever people say at Coachella. Can you tell I don’t go to Coachella? Or flirt? Or talk to people?

3.     You can go out on as many dates as you want! Maybe even seven of them in a week. Dating is fun because you can meet new people and then never talk to them again. Just kidding. Kind of.

4.     No need to worry about getting heartbroken because no one has your heart. Just you. And Starbucks.

5.     You don’t have to leave your apartment. Saturday night? You mean “finish off a bottle of Trader Joe's Champagne while binge watching ‘13 Reasons Why’ ” night?

6.     There’s no one to worry about. You can enjoy your own company without feeling like someone's missing. 

7.     You have time to focus on what makes you happy. Like Postmates.

8.     You can continue pretending you're an ice queen who catches flights, not feelings. Yea, I go on Tumblr sometimes.

9.      You have the entire bed to yourself. There’s no blanket hog or loud snorer to keep you from getting a goodnight’s sleep. Miss spooning? Invest in a proper pillow. It’ll be great. Pillows don’t make noise or move when you’re just getting comfortable. 

10.    When Ryan Gosling gets a divorce, there’s no one you’ll have to break up with.

11.      It's a real money saver. You don’t have to worry about your boyfriend’s birthday or any other gift-giving holiday for that matter. You can just focus on shopping for yourself and the few friends you have left in adulthood. 

12.     You don't have to do stuff you don't like to do! Like cook. Or watch dumb boy movies. Or pretend to have ANY interest in that five hour baseball game that makes you question your very existence. 

13.     You can audition for the Bachelor! 

14.     You can take as long as you want to get ready, without someone making comments about how long you're taking. Sorry, I'm not Beyonce. I don't wake up like this.

15.     You're free to do whatever you want! Want to spend eight hours in Sephora swatching every lipstick in the store? Great! Feel like moving to NYC for five months because you're curious how Taylor Swift felt when she wrote 1989? Go for it! The world is your oyster. So eat it. Or live it. Whatever they say. Just have fun and enjoy your man-free life.

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