What You're Thinking When He's Not Texting Back


Now I don’t know about you, but I’m all about overthinking. If someone were to write a book on how to overthink absolutely everything in life, it would be me. Give me a conclusion, I’ll jump to it. If you don’t believe me, let’s go through my thought process when a guy I like doesn’t respond to my text within one hour.

Let’s say I send him “Hey” at 3:25pm. This is how the rest of the hour goes, inside my head. 



I’m sure he’s just busy and not looking at his phone. No problem, I’m patient.



Still nothing. He’s probably just working right now.



 Is he charging his phone?



Maybe he IS dating that girl in that photo he was tagged in 36 weeks ago. Ugh, I knew it.



Let’s just check and see if he’s active on social media. I doubt he is, but at least then I’ll know for sure he’s just busy. Which I’m sure he totally is.



Okay, that’s weird. Five minutes ago he liked 3 photos on Instagram.



Wait, who’s Shelby? I guess he’s too busy liking pictures of her on vacation to notice my super fun conversation starter that only took 25 minutes, three friends, and a glass of wine to craft.



I bet my “hey” came off desperate and clingy so now he’s just never going to talk to me again.



I don’t even care! Honestly, I have better things to do then worry about this.

- Receives new text message

 OH MY GOD, YES OKAY, EVERYTHING IS FINE… just kidding it’s my mom.



I’m going to post a hot selfie on Instagram just so he can see what he’s missing. I mean, sure, Shelby has a perfect bikini body and a natural glow to her skin that makes it look like she's wearing highligher even when she's not, but I'm a solid 8.5. Sometimes even a 9 in certain lighting.



Well, he’s active on Facebook chat. I guess it’s safe to say he hates me and never wants to speak to me again.



Like what, does he just hate fun people? Maybe I'm too fun for him and he’s intimidated.



Maybe it’s because the last time I talked to him, I mentioned that I had cats and it freaked him out. He probably thinks my only friends are my cats and no one likes me.



You know what? I don’t need this. I have a great job, two cats that adore me, three seasons left of that Netflix show I started, and a half bottle of Prosecco in the fridge. I’m fine. Honestly? I’m happy he didn’t text me. I’m too busy for a relationship anyways.



-Guy texts back-