The BEST Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Her

I’m assuming you're on here because you need a gift for your valentine, but honestly, most of these could double as a gift for your mom...most.

So, If you are flaunting a valentine this year, but having a “what tf do I get them” moment, have no fear. You’ve come to the right place.

First of all, you NEED a card. Yes, need. If you don’t have a card with all your thoughts and feelings written out, to make her at least tear up, you aren’t doing Valentines Day right. Be cheesy, it’s the one day a year where no matter who you are, it's acceptable to be sappy af. 

So to kick off the guide, I'm going to show you some of my favorite V-Day cards that I found on Etsy, which, by the way, is THE place to find the perfect unique funny/cute/sexy card. So before you bother whipping out your 4ft long CVS receipt to see if you have any Valentine's Day card coupons, take a look at these.




I mean... come on. This is adorable.


We've all done it.


FYI, this is one of those "not for your mom" items I mentioned earlier.



Now, for the actual gifts...


Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer


This one may be a litttttle pricey, but it's such a sweet gift for Valentine's Day. With this, you and your loved one can take some cute selfies together, print them, and then take pics OF the photos you just printed out and post it on Instagram. It really doesn't get more romantic than that.


Instax Mini 9


Or if you dont want to see what the pictures are going to look like before you print them, you could just buy this Instax camera. They are prettttty trendy right now. 


Lips Pillow


Women love a good throw pillow. Felt this was very on theme with V-Day.


Heart Pillow


Same with this one.


'What I Love About You By Me' Book


It's thoughtful, it's romantic, and it's a whole book on why you have the hots for us. 10/10 would recommend.


Heart Necklace


A dainty heart necklace? Classic.


Crap Dates Book


This is secretly a gift for both of you. Sure, she'll be all "wow this is so funny, you're so creative" (you're welcome btw), but at the same time, she'll be reminded that she has you, and therefore won't have to go on any bad dates in the future. Thus, appreciate you more. Bam. Happy Valentine's Day.


Red Dress


If you wanna go all Christian Grey on your girl and surprise her with a dress she can wear out on your date...don't pick out anything on your own. I repeat. Close that Forever 21 tab and put away your credit card. You are not Christian Grey. But, if this is her style, you have my permission to buy the red dress above.


Iridescent Mod Block Frame


It's nice decor and you can put your memories in it. Bonus points if you actually put a picture in it. Otherwise, it's a little weird. UNLESS you pair it with the camera or printer mentioned earlier.


Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses


Everyone needs shot glasses. They might as well be pretty.


Macaron Rosé Candle


Women love things that smell good. So, naturally, we love candles.


Customized Candle


If a guy made me my own custom candle, I'd lose all chill. And then have his children.


Diamond Necklace


Did I mention women love jewelry? Get her jewelry. Unless she hates jewelry. You're the one dating her. Figure it out.


Dainty Ring


More jewelry. It's beautiful and super affordable.


Herkimer Diamond Stud Earrings


These I love. They'll go with everything.


Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Send her some chocolate covered strawberries before your big date. They'll be a great surprise. Also, if you're together when it happens, she'll probably share.




Roses are for love and it's the day of love. See what I'm getting at?


KKW Kimoji Hearts


We're all a little bit curious about these new limited edition Kimoji perfumes. If she says she isn't, she's lying. I hear they smell great, plus, look at them. They're sold out right now, but she's gotta restock at least one more time...Right? Right?!


KKW Crystal Gardenia Fragrance


Unfortunately Kim did not sponsor this gift guide, but I hear her other perfume is bomb too. So I'm going to throw this in here. 


Moet & Chandon Imperial


Get her a nice bottle of champagne. Or whatever her wine of choice is.



DIY Date


If you're thinking of doing a DIY present, I highly recommend putting together a date night gift basket. For example, you can make one for a movie night date by adding blankets, her favorite film, champagne, and junk food. It's easy to put together, plus she'll find it extremely thoughtful.




And there you have it. Happy Valentine's Day!