MINIBLOG: First Date Sweaters

Labor Day has come and is now long gone, so we can finally wear white again! It’s been getting chilly in LA, you guys. And by ‘chilly’, I mean the temp has dropped down to the fifties. (BURRR, am I right?) Anyway, because of this drastic weather change, I’ve been in the market for some cute sweaters and apparently my new thing is blending in with the nonexistent LA snow.

So first, we have this beauty, which I’m obsessed with. Not only is it cozy and not too heavy, but it’s cropped, so I can wear it without feeling like a packing peanut. This cropped sweatshirt is from Shein. It’s super affordable, AND if you use my code ‘Sexti10,’ you get 10% off! I love this sweater for a first date because it’s casual, warm, and also shows a little skin!



Next up, we have a more royal feeling knit bundle of joy. What I love about this sweater, are the sleeves. They are apparently called, ‘bishop’ sleeves, which I didn’t know was a thing. But surprise! It is. Anyway, this gorgeous thing is also from Shein, so my code still applies. Which, in case you forgot, is ‘Sexti10’! This sweater automatically makes me feel more fashionable than I am. It’s an easy sweater to dress up or down and honestly, I’d try rocking it with a skirt on your date.




Hope you guys enjoyed my miniblog! Let me know if you want me to do more of these in the future. Also! As for the sweaters, buy them, use my code, and wear them on your next Tinder date! Stay warm!