MINI BLOG: NYE Outfit Guide

NYE is approaching v quickly, so I wanted to come on here and give you guys some inspiration for outfits! Okay, so whether you’re going on a date, to a party, an event, or staying at home with a few friends….all of these outfits will still work. Why? Because it’s NYFE (New Years F**king Eve) and literally everyone dresses up on New Years. Okay, let’s do this.

OUTFIT IDEA #1: Christmas is over?!


Yes, this dress could also be worn to a holiday party as well, BUT it’s the perfect amount of sparkle and glam to rock on New Years Eve. Not only does it show off some leg, but it’s actually pretty warm for a cocktail dress and if you don’t live in LA, you’ll appreciate that. I personally just appreciate it for the level of gorgeous this dress truly is. If you’d like to buy this dress, click ( ) and use my code ‘SEXTI20’ for 20% off!

OUTFIT #2: Who needs to sparkle?


LOVE this two piece from Shein. It’s super flattering, sexy, and honestly? the snake skin pattern is everything. No, it’s not real snake skin. But it’s adorable, and if you pair it with some sneakers, you’ll be set to dance all night long. If you’re as obsessed with this look as I am, once again, make sure to click ( ) and use my code ‘SEXTI20’ for 20% off at check out!

OUTFIT #3: V Fancy

This next dress is not one I personally own, but it’s totally affordable and the perfect flashy floor length gown a gal could want for NYE. Again, my code still applies and here is the link! (

OUTFIT #4: Pink velvet DREAM

Personally, I’m all for wearing bright colors on NYE and am obsessed with this baby pink. This little number is fun, flirty, and gives me a ton of Baby Spice vibes. If you’re wanting to go the cute meets fancy route this NYE, I’d say this is your dress. Here ya go! ( Yes, you get 20% off on this one too. I KNOW!


Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 10.43.52 PM.png

It’s as if this dress was born for NYE. It’s sparkly, silver, short, and has a GORGEOUS back that you’re going to have to check out for yourself. ( This is the perfect classic NYE look that will work for any event. I know. You’re welcome. Anyway, you guys. 20% off with my code!

Hope you enjoyed my picks! If you buy any of these for NYE, Let me know and send pics! I’d love to see them. Until next time, xoxo, gossip girl. JK

Love ya,