Hi! Sorry I’ve been gone…I wish I had some glorious excuse for why I haven’t posted in a few weeks…like it’s because I went hiking in China or because I was super busy studying sharks on a boat in the middle of the ocean in honor of shark week. But to be honest, it’s really just been because I have been working and being a grown up. So basically just paying bills and serving tables. So fun being a grown up. Really. So fun. But one week in particular was really fun and that was the week my parents came to visit! It was also the week I got my life together. And when I say “the week I got my life together”, I mean the week I got a couch. Yes I have a couch now! So people of LA, if you need somewhere to sit and you know who I am and we are friendly enough to have small talk for over five minutes without any awkward silences, come on over.

My week with my parents was a lot of fun. For three of the days we actually went to Napa Valley, which was beautiful. It was a relaxing trip filled with wine tasting, yummy food, and Settlers of Catan. If you’ve never played Settler’s of Catan, you are missing out. My baby cousins (Door and JoJo) showed me this game and I knew after just one time of playing it, that this was going to be the new game to ruin all of my friendships. Not that it got too competitive with my parents, but dad, I killed you so fast, you probably cried yourself to sleep… Love you see you in October! (I’ll bring the game. You bring a box of tissues.)

And yes. Working, I’ve been working a lot at my new job which has been ya know, a job. That I have been working at. I don’t know how much I can really say about working at a restaurant. Well actually I do, but I’ll save that for another blog. Shout out to all my other servers out there! People still do, shout outs, right? #hip #hashtag

In other news can we all talk about Taylor Swift’s new song? It’s so good and I am already so excited for the rest of her album. I can finally lip sync an entire new album to my cats! Red was getting a little over done. But seriously, is Shake It Off in your head as much as it’s in mine? I honestly can’t get it out. It’s a vicious cycle of having it stuck in my head to me then needing to play it. But then I end up playing it on repeat 10 times until I finally force myself to turn it off. And then it gets stuck in my head again twenty minutes later and I let the cycle Begin Again. Yes that was a pun.

So that’s been my month, let me know what you guys want to hear about next post! Cats? Board games? How bad I am at bowling? My life is pretty exciting. Hope you all are having a wonderful week. You probably are if you have cable and were actually able to watch shark week this year! Cough. Cough. Okay, for real now. Bye!


Happy Monday!



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