So my sister came to visit for the week and because she’s never been to LA, we did the whole “tourist” thing. If you don’t know what the “tourist” thing is, it’s basically just going all around LA to the famous landmarks that everyone is always talking about, then taking hundreds of selfies and pictures of the scenery (of course by using your iphone because what’s a camera, am I right ladies) , while at the same time trying to spot celebrities. It’s a whole ball of fun. As you can probably see by my face in this picture.

So, because I think and hope I have gotten past this whole “tourist” stage of my life, considering I have lived here for over 5 months now and feel like the things that once intrigued me, don’t at all anymore. For instance, the pier. Yes. The Santa Monica Pier. No. This place is absolutely awful and I hate it. First of all, if you park in a garage that doesn’t cost you 20 bucks, it will be a bit of a walk to even get there to begin with. And when I say a “bit” of a walk, I mean by the time you get there, you’ll have a few grey hairs and need a cane. Secondly, it’s so crowded. And no one is really doing anything all that exciting. Everyone on the pier is just eating or looking at the pretty view of the ocean. This is the same view you can get anywhere on the coast of California. It’s the ocean guys, It’s quite large. We don’t all need to crowd around a little pier and breathe on each other to get a good look. I could really do an entire post on why I despise the pier. But this is about being a tourist with my sister for the week, so I will restrain myself. The only good thing I have to say about the pier is the corn dogs. They have the best corn dogs hands down.

While my sister was here, we explored all over. We even went to Calabasas, because I told her that’s where a lot of celebrities live. (Meaning J Biebz and The Kardashians we are always trying to keep up with.) We went to The Commons and ate at the Marmalade Café. Their food is really good. However at one awkward point of our meal, our server came over and asked, “How is everything?” And me, super tired and not paying attention Renee, responded, “Really good, how’re you?”…Like why. Why. WHY. Who says that!? Just me. And he walked away and didn’t even answer. So, that’s my life guys! Woo!

We also headed on down to the famous Hollywood Boulevard where you can see a bunch of names you haven’t heard of and a handful you probably have plastered onto stars on a sidewalk that reeks of urine and death. Have I mentioned how much I just adore the Walk Of Fame? Nothing better than a middle aged man dressed up as Captain America chasing you down the street trying to bully you into taking a photo with him so he can charge you $5 for a picture you’ll probably end up deleting anyways!

And of course, we went to the Hollywood sign. And for those of you crazies who haven’t been here… No. We did not illegally climb the fence that surrounds the sign on the top of that mountain. We went to the dog park that has a nice view of it from afar, like civilized human beings. No one says “we went to see the sign!” and actually means they went TO the sign. People don’t do that. And if people you know do actually do that, then they are a bad influence and you shouldn’t hang out with them. Just block their snapchat, get a Netflix account and everything will be okay.

We did a lot. A lot that I wont even post because you probably won’t even find it very exciting. For instance, we watched the sunset on a beach in Malibu because we are girls and watching the sunset on a pretty beach is a girly thing. Leave us alone. And I of course brought her to a comedy show. My friend Lenny says I’m obsessed with stand up. He’s probably right. So you now pretty much know everything about my sister’s visit! I feel like we’re so much closer now.

It’s been a while again. I know. I’ve been working myself to the bone. And by “to the bone”, I mean 8 shifts a week. Same thing. Hope you are all having a lovely 1:36 AM on the 24th of September.

Happy Hump Day!


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