So I recently went to a comedy show that was so good, I now have to blog about it. Obviously. First off, you’ve heard of Julian Mccullough right? I mean you must have. He’s been on Chelsea Lately, that show “Guy Code” everyone talks about, Jimmy Fallon, and many more. And recently he went to a couple places around LA to do his new stand up routine before going off to Scotland to show it over there for a month! So I obviously had to go to at least one of these shows before he took off!

I ended up going to the show at Jenny & Jimbob jewelry. Which, first of all, is such a cute jewelry store where they make all of their own jewelry right there in the store. Both owners of the shop were very sweet and just all around extremely cool people. And don’t even get me started on their jewelry. I wanted all of it. But let’s set the time and place, shall we?

I’m pretty sure “fashionably early” isn’t a thing, but it’s my life. I’m early to everything. Always. It’s just a thing that started when I moved to LA after discovering how easily I get lost and how much I suck at finding a good parking spot (considering the fact I can’t parallel park for my life and I used to live in an area where that was a-okay, but then I moved here and apparently it’s quite inevitable.) So yes, I was early. It was 7:30 when I got there and the show didn’t start till 8.

When I got inside, I realized I was a little more than fashionably early. The show was now starting at 8:20, which meant I had a decent amount of time to kill downtown, by myself. So I did what any person would do in this situation, I got Starbucks. Which, of course, was only a few doors down. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the area, in LA, there’s pretty much always a Starbucks within a one-mile radius. Everywhere. But hey, I’m not complaining. LA may not be known for theirconvenient parking or great deals on gas, but at least they did something right.

Once I returned around 8:15ish, there were a dozen or so chairs set up and only three people sitting. Which yea, I don’t know exactly where everyone else was. They probably got stuck in traffic or maybe got lost or perhaps they just don’t like to laugh and hate kittens and don’t have a good personality. But hey, on the bright side, I got a really good seat.

The show was fantastic. So, so funny. You hear all about Julian’s ‘dream girls’, a little about his childhood, and to top it off, a very educational slideshow to really set the mood. I don’t want to give too much away, besides how funny and worth-seeing this show truly is. But seriously. When he’s back from Scotland, you must see this show. Especially if you live in LA. If you live on the East Coast or something, I don’t know. Look for a flight on Groupon. Do they have Groupons for flights? Probably not. That doesn’t sound very safe. But I don’t care. Figure it out.

So yes, see this show. Julian is wonderful. Hi Julian! If you’re reading this. Kill it in Scotland and I will for sure be seeing your show for round 2 when you’re back!


Happy National Lipstick Day!



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