11 Ways To Pretend It Feels Like Fall When You Live in LA

 I get it. You love fall, but you live in Los Angeles where it feels like a never ending summer. Or maybe you just live somewhere that still hasn’t gotten the memo to start murdering the leaves off trees. Whatever the case may be, it’s probably hard to get in the fall spirit when it’s still beautiful, green, and warm. But have no fear. Today, I’m going to reveal my 11 tips on how to make it feel like fall, even when Mother Nature is against you.

1.)  I don’t care if it’s 85 degrees. September 22nd marks the very first day of sweater weather, so you better throw on your cutest H&M oversized knit chunk of warmth and rock that thing all over the place, day and night.


2.)  It’s officially PSL season and you better have one in your hands at all times.


3.)  You will take that basic af “look at my cute boots standing perfectly on the beautiful fall leaves” IG photo and you will like it. Got it? Honestly, buy fake leaves if you have to. I don’t care. Make it happen.


4.)  Speaking of the gram, I better see that fall aesthetic on your feed. I want reds, I want oranges, I want browns! It’s fall and you better not effing forget it.


5.) So what if it’s only September, I want some Halloween themed décor in your apartment ASAP. I want your apartment to feel like you just robbed Bethany Mota’s house right after she finished filming her ‘Fall Morning Routine’ video.


6.)  Speaking of which, if your apartment doesn’t smell as if someone shoved you inside of a delicious pumpkin spice pecan waffle, then you’re doing something wrong. You better take a trip to Bath & Body Works asap.


7.)  Time to start doing some festive sh*t. Corn mazes, haunted houses, overpriced theme parks, do them all.


8.)  Time to figure out your Halloween costume so you can bring it up casually in conversation because you’re fall AF (and apparently people plan this stuff way in advance). Oh and fyi, this doesn’t exclude your cats. You know damn well Darcy and Dolce will be matching pumpkins this year.


9.)  Did someone say scary movies? Yes, you did. And you’re going to watch them all. Hell, why not have a scary movie night with your friends?


10.)  Pumpkin everything. Get your butt to Trader Joe’s right now and buy every single pumpkin flavor food they have. I don’t care if you don’t like pumpkin pasta sauce. Consider it decoration.


11.)  & if all else fails, visit a place that actually feels like fall, take several photos, and slowly post them up over the course of the next three months. You’re welcome.


Happy Fall!