10 Signs You're Crushing HARD

1.)  Whenever they text you, it’s as if it’s the first time anyone has ever texted you in your life. You lose all chill, read it like 100 times, and then ask all your friends what it means. Was it “hey” as in “hey!” or "hey" as in “Leave me alone forever.”

2.)  You stalk them on every social media platform like it’s your job. They posted a new story? Better check it out so you can overanalyze it. You also happened to notice that John, Jacob, Tim, and Sarah just commented on his new IG pic. Wait, who tf is Sarah.

3.)  You creep on any girl that he could potentially be talking to, just to make sure they aren’t a thing. Because, let’s be real. You’re not going to ask him yourself. That’d be crazy. You’ve had a total of three conversations with the guy, and one of them took place on Facebook, when he commented on your status.

4.)  Now, when you post a picture on Instagram and he doesn’t like it, you ask yourself why. Did he not see it? Was my smile too teethy? Maybe he’s just not into teethy smiles. He probably used to have braces, so he’s like, scarred, you know?

5.)  Your new playlist consists of pre-breakup Taylor Swift songs/any tracks that would be too upbeat for you on a bad day.

6.)  You forget about any dating app you’ve ever downloaded, because you’re over the idea of meeting someone new. There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but it takes time finding a good one and you finally found a quality fish that has his shit together, so why waste your time on trying to catch a new, less cute fish that probably sucks and will eventually ghost you anyways?

7.)  You don’t speak about your crush with ANY mutual friends you may have, because it could blow your cover. What if he finds out you like him and he doesn’t like you back? Or what if Instagram Sarah is his girlfriend? Nope.

8.)   You wear your best outfits on days you know you’re going to see him. I mean, sure. You could wear that white crop top that makes your eyes pop on Wednesday for your girls night out…or you could wear it Thursday, when you’re guaranteed to pass by him on your way out of work. That's at least a .5 second glance. Worth it.

9.)  You can’t stop watching Rom Coms.

10.)  At this point, all of your friends are so sick of hearing about him, that they are practically begging you to just ask him out already.