What Women Want: A Gift Guide


I don’t care if you’re a boyfriend Googling what to get your girlfriend (which would actually be really cute…call me when you guys break up), a cool dude looking for ideas on what to get your mother/sister/gal pal who doesn’t touch you/etc, or just a lady lookin’ to see what other ladies want for Christmas. I’m sure this gift guide will help you in some way, shape, or form. Even if that just means for five minutes of entertainment.

First off, if you want to get someone the perfect gift, I highly recommend finding out what their love language is. Now, before you immediately brush off this cheesy advice, just know that Gary Chapman knows what’s up and finding this out can benefit any relationship, regardless of whether it’s romantic or not. Knowing someone’s love language means knowing what they value the most, which makes for an easier day at the mall.


So here you have it folks, this is what women want…for Christmas.



Gift Makeup

Let me make this real clear. There is a huge difference between the makeup women buy for themselves and the makeup you’re allowed to buy when shopping for them. When you are buying makeup as a gift, you should stick to products women don’t necessarily need. What I mean by this is don’t buy her mascara, concealer, foundation, primer, etc. Focus on products she can use on special occasions. You know that fun section in Sephora that has all of the limited edition holiday palettes? No? Well, find it. I know it’s easy to mess up makeup shopping as a guy, so here are three foolproof gifts for any lady. 1.) A bronze eye shadow palette (this means an eye shadow palette made up of mainly brown eye shadows) 2.) A red lipstick, because there’s always a time and place for red lips (Or maybe she’s like me and has been rockin’ red lips since Kindergarten). 3.) Pretty much any highlighter. We love to glow. Plus it’s super trendy on Instagram right now.


That One Dress

Guys, please stop trying to guess what we might like when it comes to clothing. I mean yes, some people know us so well, they might as well pick out our entire wardrobe but that is rarely the case. So stick to what you know. Meaning, if there is a dress she loved but for some reason didn’t buy, that’s the dress to get her. Not the one you think looks kinda sorta like it. Because trust me, it doesn’t.


Surprise us

Beware, some women hate surprises. I, on the other hand, live for surprises. If a guy sent me flowers spontaneously while I was at work, I’d probably start ugly crying. There’s nothing better than a sweet gesture when you’re least expecting it. Whether you’re surprising her with a gift or an experience of some sort, I’m sure she’ll tell all her friends about it the next day at happy hour and you’ll earn major points.



I’m not saying you have to max out your credit card at Tiffany’s, but it’s no secret women love jewelry. Pro Tip: Find out if she’s a silver person or gold person because usually it’s one or the other. Jewelry shopping can be tricky if you aren’t sure what she likes. If this is the case, stick to more delicate items. Those are harder to screw up. Because let’s be real, she’s more likely to wear those dainty triangle stud earrings than that giant rainbow elephant statement necklace you found on Etsy.



If we love anything, it’s food. A romantic dinner at a restaurant with sentimental value (or at least 4.5 stars on Yelp) will make any girl’s heart melt.


Gag Gifts

If it makes her laugh, it’s perfect. Sometimes gag gifts are the way to go! But unless you’ve just started seeing this person, pair it with one of the gift ideas listed above.



Now it’s time for you to go out and get the job done. Good luck.


Happy Holidays!