How To Ask ANYONE Out

How To Ask ANYONE Out



Okay, I know asking anyone out seems super scary when you think about it. But truly, it’s not that bad. I mean think about it! The worst they can do is say no. And if I’m keeping it super real, if they don’t want to go out with you, they probably won’t even say no. They’ll make up some excuse about how they’re too busy, which is much easier on our egos. And even if deep down we know they’re probably just not interested, there’ll always be that teeny tiny glimmer of hope in our heads that convinces us maybe they are just suuuuuper busy. Right? Wrong. But we all tell ourselves what we need to hear in order to remain hopeful.

Now I have to tell you, though I’ve had my share of success when it comes to asking guys out, I’ve also dealt with rejection, like anyone else. For instance, there was one time back in high school that I had a huge crush on this guy that worked at my local frozen yogurt shop and I thought he liked me too because he had my order memorized whenever I’d come in.

 I mean, sure, I went there every single day and ordered the same thing every single time but CLEARLY he remembers it because he likes me. (This is what I told myself) So, I did what any girl would do. I gave him my number. And by “I gave him my number,” I mean I wrote down my number to give to him when a group of my friends went to get froyo, chickened out last minute, and had my guy friend give it to him instead.

Sounds not that bad, right? Well, this is where things took a turn for the worst. So I had lost my phone earlier that day (of giving him my number) and at the time, I thought I’d find it and everything would be okay, but I ended up having to get an entirely new phone with an entirely new number which my cute froyo boyfriend did not know. So how was he possibly going to text me and have my children? Well, I’d just have to find a way for him to contact me with my new number.  

So, I decided to give him my number AGAIN. And by that, I mean I had ANOTHER guy friend give him my NEW number explaining the situation a few days later. Honestly, I’m horrified even typing this. Spoiler alert: he never texted me but I continued to get frozen yogurt there, avoiding eye contact.

See? I get it. Rejection happens. It sucks and yet here I am, continuing to put myself out there. Because that’s what you have to do in order to find your person. So here are my top three ways to ask someone out!


1.)  Let’s grab a drink.” This one is a classic, if you are over the age of 21. First off, grabbing drinks is so casual. Is it a date or a friend hang? They will have no idea.  So when you initially say, “we should grab drinks this weekend!” they probably won’t even jump to that conclusion. You’re already in the clear, rejection wise. So you can put feelers out, without having to go full blown “let’s get dinner and plan our wedding.” Most people will say yes to a drink if you’re at least friendly with the person. It’s just a matter of seeing how drinks go, that’ll tell you if it’s a date. Are they making a lot of physical contact with you? Do they offer to pay? Are you offering to pay? Both of you can put out feelers, so pay attention and don’t go overboard.


2.)  “I’ve really been wanting to see this new movie.” This way of asking someone out is typically worked into a conversation. When you express interest in wanting to check out a new bar or movie, see how they respond. This is a less direct trick, but you can see if they pick up what you’re putting down. Some men/women might be like, “we should go see it!”  If they say that, great. My work here is done. But if they say something like, “I’ve been wanting to see that as well!” This is where you throw in a, “we should see it together!” And bam.


3.)  And then of course, there’s the classic “I’d really love to take you out sometime.” This last way of asking someone out is personally my favorite. However, it only usually works if the person you’re asking out has already been putting out feelers. If you’ve been flirting with this guy/girl for a while now and want to just make a move already, this is a good option for you. Be bold. Be confident. They’ll love it.


Well, there you have it. Now go out there and cuff someone up! Or whatever people are saying these days.  I promise asking that person out seems way scarier than it actually is. Just please, for the love of god, only give them your number once.