11 Songs To Listen To When You're Crushing Hard

We all know what happens when you like someone. You can’t get their stupid smile out of your head, talk about them whenever you get the chance, and can’t help but listen to every damn love song on your iphone. But sometimes the same songs can get old. So lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of tracks I like to listen to when I’m super into someone.



1.) Things I'll Never Say - Avril Lavigne 

Ahhh, an Avril Lavigne classic. This is the perfect song to listen to when it’s a secret crush. You know, like, when they don’t have the slightest clue how you feel about them (even though you non-stop smile whenever you’re around them). Boys are kind of oblivious to that stuff. Unless you flat out tell them, they’ll most likely have no idea.



2. I'd Lie - Taylor Swift

This old school Taylor Swift jam is on my list, not only because I’m fairly sure our girl is going to drop a new sick beat pretty soon, but also because it’s the “I’ve got the hots for my friend and he has no clue” anthem. Apparently T-Swizzle actually sang this at her talent show when her crush was present, and it was “real awkward.” I could only imagine. Side note: Did you guys see Taylor deleted everything off her social media?!!? AHHH. This has to mean a new album. Right? RIGHT?! Anyway, back to the song. When I first heard this, I was really hoping to meet a guy whose favorite color was green and had a birthday on the 17th.  No such luck…yet.



3. First Date - Blink 182

This is my pre-date amp up song. It’s an upbeat, fast-paced song that’s beating just as rapidly as your heartbeat on the way to your date. Like, you know when you’re totally fine and then all of a sudden you’re two minutes away from the restaurant where you’re meeting them and you feel like your stomach is going to fall out of your butt? This is the song for that.



4. Why Don't You & I - Santana ft. Alex Band

The first line says it all, “Since I spotted you, it’s like walking around with little wings on my shoes.” Basically what I’m saying is love makes us delusional.  I’m actually watching this music video for the first time and am just now realizing it’s the same blonde dude who sings “Wherever You Will Go.” Who knew? Probably just about everyone else who’s ever listened to this song, Renee. Anyway, it’s great. If you like someone and you’re feeling giddy, turn this up.



5. I'll Never Be The Same - Camila Cabello

No, the studio version is not out yet, but I wish it were. This song gives me so many feels. We’ve all been there. When we’ve gotten so completely lost in someone that when it’s over, we feel as though they’ve changed us in a way. And we’ll never be the same. Also it’s got a great beat.



6. I Believe in a Thing Called Love - The Darkness

I mean, must I comment on this? Whenever we have a crush, we all believe in a thing called love. Well, that is until we're rejected, but that’s for another playlist.



7. Take Me - Aly & AJ

Aly and AJ are back, ya’ll and their new song is everything I wanted it to be and more.



8. I Need It - Johnny Balik

You know what it’s like to feel like you just need someone’s love? So does Johnny Balik. These lyrics are so incredibly sweet, loving, and funny. Plus the song has a great melody and will for sure get stuck in your head on the way to work.


9. Breathless - The Corrs

Oh, yea. I’m throwing it way back. This is a song I remember hearing on the radio when I was like 8, but had no idea what it was called. And at this point in time, looking up a song was pretty much impossible, unless you knew the title. Which I did not. But lucky for me it only took fifteen years to put 1 and 2 together and figure out the song was probably called “Breathless.” Spoiler Alert: I was right.


10. Bent - Matchbox Twenty

I MEAN…a song about two screwed up people coming together. If that’s not romance, I don’t know what is. Also, this may or may not be my favorite song ever.


11. Mother, We Just Can't Get Enough - New Radicals

Yes, it does make me uncomfortable that the first line you hear is “make my nipples hard, let’s go” but in my defense, when I first heard this jam in ‘A Walk To Remember’, they cut that part out. Probably because it shouldn’t be there in the first place. Who thought that was a good idea anyway? And why did it make the final cut? Do we even know this girl who's saying it? Was she credited? 



So there you have it! But now I wanna know what songs you listen to when you’re crushing super hard. Clearly I have quite the variety, but it’s always good to add more to the list! Let me know in the comments.