7 Pink Flags To Watch Out For When Dating

Hey guys! Long time no talk. Today I’d really love to dive into the topic of pink flags. If you aren’t exactly sure what a pink flag is, let me enlighten you!

A pink flag is basically a red flag, except not as bad. You feel me? Now, a pink flag can most certainly turn into a red flag when you get to know this person more, but it’s not always the worst-case scenario. And this is coming from me, who has spent most of her life mastering the art of jumping to conclusions. Nuts, right? Who even am I? Anyway, try to think of a pink flag as a yellow light. If your guy has a pink flag, you don’t have to completely stop seeing him, but maybe slow down a bit and proceed with caution.

If you’re now dying to know more, have no fear because I’m about to share some of my wisdom from all of the relationships/flirtationships/dates I’ve had, in order to help (wo)mankind. Without further ado, here are 7 basic pink flags you can look out for so we can all find a non-garbage husband/wife/boo thing.




1.)   He follows a lot of girls on Instagram. Like, a LOT. And they’re all basically models. I mean, yes, maybe he just likes looking at pretty women all day as he scrolls through Instgram. There’s no crime in that. I mean, sure. I follow Olivia Culpo for very similar reasons, so I totally get it.


But on the other hand, let’s be real. It’s very possible he could be sliding into these girl’s DMs, trying to get laid every time Sara or Tonya or Jessica post a new #SundayFunday bikini pic. I mean, if you aren’t exclusive, he absolutely has the right to do so. But if you’re wanting to make this guy your boyfriend, this is something to be mindful of.


2.)   He keeps his ex close. Are they really just on friendly terms, do they still hook up, or is this a Little Black Book situation where he secretly wants to get back with her, but is waiting for the “right time?” (You’ve all seen this movie, yes?) I personally just find it a little weird when guys are super friendly with their exes.


3.)   You already caught him in a lie, even if it’s a dumb one. Listen, we all tell a few white lies here and there. But if ya’ll just started dating and this guy is already being shady and lying about weird, small things, it’s not a great sign. What else is he lying about?


4.)   He’s in a ‘slump.’ This is borderline red flag territory, but hear me out.  I once dated a guy that was “in a slump”… and after a year and a half, I realized this wasn’t a slump, this was his way of life. However, sometimes people are just going through a rough patch. This still doesn’t mean it’s the best time to date them butttt they may work through it.


5.)  He doesn’t keep in touch with you outside of your dates. If it’s early on, this is a pink flag, because ya’ll are still getting to know each other. But if you’re a few dates in and this guy doesn’t text or call you to check in at all in-between? That’s weird!

It’s so so so important to pay attention to how guys treat you when they aren’t with you.  

(Speaking of which, guys. For real. If you like a girl, pick up the phone and call her.)


6.)   His friends have absolutely no idea who you are and you’ve been seeing each other for a while now. This is a pink flag because not all guys are that open about their dating life with their friends. If you haven’t figured out what you guys are just yet, he could be either hiding you from the world on purpose for shady reasons or maybe he’s just more private about his dating life.


7.)   He doesn’t see you on the weekends. Let me tell ya, 9-5 types of men and women treasure their weekends. So if he refuses to give you a Saturday night here and there, it simply means you are not a priority. This could, of course, change. Maybe it’s early on! Or maybe it’s because Carol has his Fridays, Beth has his Saturdays, and Sundays are for sports or whatever. All I’m saying is, if it’s been a while and he still only makes plans on Wednesday nights, that’s an issue.


Well, there you have it. 7 pink flags to watch out for! If I missed any, make sure to leave a comment down below letting me know what else to watch out for.