How To Stay Positive

Tips On How To Stay Positive

  1. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and encourage you to do whatever it is you’re passionate about.
  1. Leave your apartment from time to time. It’s important to get outside. Go climb a mountain or something, I don’t care. Just get outside and “experience life” or whatever.
  1. Remember that haters gonna hate hate hate. And if you forget that and feel like there’s something wrong with you, please refer to Taylor Swift’s 2014 hit, “Shake it Off”. Or just refer back to this post and let me remind you how wonderful you are.
  1. Eat something yummy and healthy. Typically when I eat something yummy that isn’t healthy, I feel sick afterwards, because Oh I don’t know, maybe the 3rd ice cream sandwich wasn’t the best idea. Instead, try some raspberries. There’s something about enjoying healthy food that makes me feel really good. Like I’m proud of it or something. Maybe that’s an embarrassing fact to put on my blog. Whatever, now you know. I’m proud of myself when I eat healthy, okay?
  1. Watch the TV show Pretty Little Liars and remind yourself that you don’t have a stalker who tries to put you in prison all the time. #Blessed
  1. Get some friends together, drink coffee, and chat. Because there’s nothing better than coffee. I mean friends.
  1. Call a family member. Still to this day, when I’m sad or feeling negative and overwhelmed, I will call my mom. Because moms know everything. So mom, thank you for being my very own personal therapeutic version of Google.
  1. I mean, I know I always say this but seriously guys. Just get a cat. They help with everything. What would my blog be without cats? LipstickLA? What? That just sounds like something’s missing. Just like the cat that’s missing from your life.
  1. Do something that makes you happy. For me that means writing or talking to a camera or paying hide and seek with my cats. Your thing may be different than what I listed, (but I don’t know what’s better than playing childhood games with your pets)…but I mean, you know what makes you happy. So do it.
  1. Remember that things will get better. I know sometimes that’s hard to believe. But it’s true. We all go through hard times. Even Beyonce! I think. Maybe not, but that’s because she’s Beyonce. So just be moreYonce, stay strong, and remember that Jurassic World comes out this summer.
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