Happy February 14th, the day that has so much love in the air, it’s actually suffocating. Coming from a person who has a lot of experience being single on this holiday, I know a thing or two about making the best of it.



  1. Music helps. If there’s someone you’d like to be spending Valentine’s Day with but can’t because he’s a moron that doesn’t realize how lucky he is to have you in his life, just listen to Justin Bieber’sLove Yourself until your ears bleed. This is a day about love after all! (Also they suck and you shouldn’t even be thinking about them.)
  2. Indulge. I don’t know if you live in LA, but if you do, GUESS WHAT! There’s a bakery here calledCake Monkey that has individually sized cakes. Yes, a tiny cake, perfectly sized for one. So go treat yourself to a little Cake Monkey cake, (or really any treat that you enjoy) and make your day a little bit sweeter. Or just eat a full sized cake and make it extra sweet.
  3. Go out. I know this goes against most single people Valentine’s Day practices, but getting dressed up and going out with friends is a lot of fun. Find that little black dress, put on a red lip, and go have fun with people who make you smile. I think we forget that this Holiday is about love. ALL love. That doesn’t limit us to significant others, you can enjoy this holiday with anyone that makes you happy.
  4. Practice self-love. You don’t need a dumb guy (or girl) to buy chocolate for, you can buy chocolate for yourself. Preferably the following day when it’s 75% off. This is something even I need to work on. I stress to my friends about the importance of self-love, but even I’m sometimes guilty of not practicing what I preach. I’m working on it.
  5. A nice Prosecco doesn’t hurt. I don’t drink very much, but on Valentine’s day I like to treat myself to some sparkling wine.
  6. DON’T stalk your ex. The last thing you want to do today is look up pics of your ex and his new girlfriend. I’m serious. Don’t you dare peak at his Instagram or check on his FB status, (HA JK who even updates their FB status anymore). Just pretend he doesn’t exist. At least for today.
  7. Go see a film. If my Valentine (Shoutout to Katy) didn’t hate movies, I’d probably be seeing How To Be Single today. BUT just because my best friend is the Grinch of cinema, doesn’t mean yours is. However, I don’t know who you’re hanging out with today, maybe they hate movies too. And if that’s the case, perhaps we should introduce our movie-hating friends.
  8. Ball is in your court. Holidays are what you make them out to be, so make today a positive experience. If you decide that Valentine’s Day is a negative, annoying, commercialized, gross love fest; that’s what it will be. BUT if you just spend the day doing something fun with someone you love (this could even mean yourself), then it will be a great day. I promise.


I hope you enjoyed my tips and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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