What I've Learned This Week: First Week in My Apartment

So it’s almost 3 AM right now so I thought, why not write a blog post? The past week, I’ve been settling into my apartment and getting to know the area. Here are 12 things I’ve learned in that week.


1. There is a drive thru Starbucks less than a mile away from my home. Basically a sign from god. He clearly wants me to continue my loyalty to Starbucks, even though I may not have that much money right now, and the money I do have probably shouldn’t be going towards a daily Venti Iced Hazelnut Coffee with cream.


2. If I have male guests over after midnight who only stay for an hour and then leave, my neighbors may question how I spend my ‘personal time’. Little do they know, one of those nights, it was just my friend coming over after work to eat Mac N’ Cheese and the other night it was a friend visiting from my hometown and he needed to come over because he was stranded at Santa Monica Pier at midnight. So they may have their assumptions, but truth be told, I’m just a Martha Stewart Do-Gooder with friends that have bad sleep patterns.


3. It gets lonely living alone. I constantly ponder the idea of getting an animal. I think I’ve driven by the shelter in my town just about 10 times now. I keep telling myself, “No Renee. You can’t get a dog right now. You may have a lot of time to the point that it’s too much time to take care of one at this point in your life, but in a few months, that will not be the case and you will be busy. (hopefully) But cats are fine. Get a cat.” Which, no worries. I am. I am bringing my big, black, fluffy ball of love here from the east coast when I visit at the end of the month. It’s going to be one fun 6-hour flight back.


4. Cooking is hard and requires many tools that I don’t have. I have food to put in the oven, but nothing to put the food on. So being the rational person I am, I have been living off of granola bars and ice cream sandwiches. (Like a true adult) Oh and by the way, this may surprise many of you. But did you know that even though the ice cream sandwiches you buy are from Trader Joe’s, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are good for you? I know this, yet continue to use the excuse of them being from a health food store to justify my weekly purchase.


5. Too many places can deliver to my apartment. This combined with my deep dislike for cooking, is a very dangerous concept. Like when am I not craving Chinese food or Persian food or Indian food or Italian food? I love food. And I love not having to leave my apartment, drive however many miles, and of course, find parking. I hate parking. I can’t parallel park. Why is this even a thing? I think LA needs to build more parking lots or just have a designated parking spot for me every 2 miles all over LA. It’s all just too much. But oh wait, you want to bring this food to my door for just an extra two or three dollars? See you in 45 minutes.



6. It’s weird, but living in an apartment complex is not like how it is on TV. I do not have a hot Australian Doctor as my next-door neighbor. I haven’t met my best friend who lives right down the hall. And we don’t all get together on Sunday nights for some apartment complex bonding. We are all very much to ourselves. Seeing my neighbors outside of their apartments is always a rare sighting that usually only lasts for about 30-45 seconds due to the fact it’s always when they are exiting or entering.


7. It’s actually very odd not owning a chair or couch. I spend most of my time on my bed and it’s not because I’m sleepy. It’s just either that or the floor. I cannot wait for the day I own a couch. When guests come over, they won’t have to sit on the weird towel/blanket mats I’ve set up in my living room anymore. (as much as my friends did appreciate the creativity)


8. Because I have so much privacy, I find myself frequently calling friends back home. This is all fine and dandy, except when I kind of forget the time difference sometimes and possibly make these calls when it’s 1 AM their time on a Tuesday night.


9. There’s a really nice makeup store dangerously close to me with easy parking. This has my name written all over it and that’s not a good thing.


10. It’s very easy to get too dependent on an Air Conditioner. It gets to the point where the sound it makes that was once loud and annoying, has become surprisingly soothing. When it’s off, I feel like something is wrong and the quietness makes me uncomfortable.


11. Parks & Recreation is a great show and I’m hooked. Like, “watch it until 3 in the morning” hooked.


12. And saving the best for last, I discovered there is a PIZZA version of Chipotle. Basically build your own pizza. And it’s great. and delicious. and cheap. and I am a little obsessed.

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