My Beach Date With Cody Simpson

Okay, okay maybe it was more of a group date… with Hollister. And maybe I had to pay for parking. And maybe wait in line for a few hours. And… Okay, Fine! I guess it was more of an exclusive concert. But Still!

Summer Jams at the Hollister House


If you were wondering where all of the teenage girls in Los Angeles disappeared to yesterday afternoon, It’s most likely they went off to a beach house in Santa Monica to listen to some live music, swim, and declare their love to Cody Simpson.



Yesterday I attended one of the Hollister House Summer Concerts in a cute beach house right off the PCH, and it was definitely the perfect event to kick off any summer. Not only did this concert have amazing performances by MKTO and the cute little Aussie, Cody Simpson, but it also had a bunch of other fun activities for constant entertainment.





First of all, there was a candy bar. A candybar. Can we please take that in? Who likes candy? Spoiler alert. Everyone. There were lemon-heads, Sweetarts, Gobstoppers, lollipops, giant pixy stix, tootsie rolls, and many more. I myself, may have filled up three little bags just to take home with me. Candy necklaces are totally acceptable to have for dinner, right? And just when things couldn’t get better, I found the ice cream. Inside the lounge area, there was a little snack bar that had chips and an assortment of frozen goodies. These were all free, might I add. But I know what you’re thinking, “Was there any actual food there?” Yes! There was. Around the back by the ping pong table, (Yes, they had ping pong) there was a grilled cheese stand that gave you the choice of three different cheesy sandwiches. I decided to get the “C.A.B” which had apple and bacon in it. Now I’m not a huge cheese person myself, but it was pretty decent. However, for those who absolutely can’t stand cheese, there wasn’t really any other option. So yes, it was a pretty limited selection, but the idea was still very cute.


There was a lot going on at once at this festivity. They had a pool, a hair braiding station, a place to get your nails done, a photo booth, ping pong, that game where you try throwing the beanbag through the hole, and a ton of places to just chill out and talk with friends. There was not one dull moment to be had at this outdoor bash. Oh, and in case you were in desperate need of some eye candy, they had a male Hollister model just walking about. They also had a female model as well, but whatever, who cares. Let’s get back to this beautiful man. He almost looked like a Hawaiian version of a Ken doll. I should’ve taken a picture with him I suppose, but I’ve always found it a bit odd to take photos with models. Like hang on, I need to get a photo of us together because you’re so attractive I need this kodak moment on record. So I didn’t get a picture. However, everyone else was completely on board with the idea and took a ton of photo’s with Hawaiian Ken. I felt bad for the female model because she was at an event mostly made up of teenage girls. So, no one really ran up to her asking for a photo. I mean what girl is like, You know what? I haven’t felt bad about myself in over five minutes. Let me just quickly take a picture next to this perfect, flawless, girl who is probably dating someone even more beautiful than Hawaiian Ken and then compare myself to her every time I look back at the picture. What a great idea. But anyways, it was pretty cool that they got a couple of their models to just hang out at the event.



Tony Oller and Malcolm Kelley were a phenomenal opening act. They had so many upbeat songs to dance to and had such fun energy the entire show. Not to mention how insanely talented they both are. You’d think they would sound less great in person, but they sound even better! Tony Oller’s voice kind of makes you melt away. Let’s be real. He is cute. Very cute. And as for Malcolm Kelly, also cute, and a great rapper live. Their performance was very enjoyable and I can’t wait for more of their music!


                         Cody Simpson

Okay, now let’s talk about the Australian heartthrob that everyone seems to adore. Cody Simpson’s performance was surprisingly laid back, which was perfect for this beach concert. He sang some reggae, did an Elvis cover, and even sang some acoustic versions of his more popular tracks. And he danced. Let me just say, whenever he got up to dance, all the girls screamed their little hearts out. Everyone watching was pretty head over heels. You’d be surprised by the number of times I heard a fifteen year old yell, “Take off your shirt!” during his performance. But it was great. He is a precious little Australian with a beautiful voice and sick dance moves. He put on a wonderful show.

Hot Mess, Happy Summer

So yes, I thought this event was worth checking out. It took me forever to get there though, due to my forgetfulness and pure stupidity. I literally had to go back to my apartment a total of three times before successfully making it to the event. I decided on checking it out at the very last minute. Like “only a few hours before the concert” last minute. I decided while in line at the Starbucks Drive Thru, which is where I make all of my best decisions and do all of my deep thinking. Then I realized I was not dressed appropriately for the beach. So I went back to my apartment, changed and left again. Just as I was leaving, I remembered I had to stop at the bank to get cash for parking. So I stopped at the bank. As I pulled in, I realized that my debit card was in the pocket of the shorts I just changed out of. So I went back again, got my debit card, and left to go to the bank. Again. The ATM had the longest line but I finally got the money and headed out of the door. As I was walking out, my purse got stuck in the door and I got whipped backwards in front of about ten people, including the security guard who just stared blankly. I tried laughing it off, but got no response, just more staring, so I made it to my car as quickly as I could. Then as I went to put the Hollister House address into my GPS, I realized I had it on my laptop. So I had to go back again.  But then I was good to go. Finally. I thankfully made it just in time… to sit in line for an hour. But it was worth it. If you get a chance to go to any of the concerts at the Hollister House this summer, I definitely recommend doing so! Even if it takes you several attempts because for some reason you’re the most forgetful human being on the planet.

Happy Hollister Summer!




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