5 Things That Happened To Me At A Gavin Degraw Concert

So recently, I attended a Gavin DeGraw concert with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Okay, maybe that’s not 100% true. But they were there! We just weren’t really sitting next to eachother… or in the same row…or in the same section. But it still counts. The concert had performances by Gavin DeGraw (of course), Matt Nathanson, and Mary Lambert! All three of these artists were insanely good. And because it was such a memorable night, I thought I would share a few of the experiences I had that truly made it a night to remember.



5 Things That Happened To Me At A Gavin DeGraw Concert



Tom Hanks

1. I upgraded my seats when I got there because my groupon kept me a little too far away from what might’ve been the only chance I’d ever have to see Gavin live! This upgrade put me about 10 rows away from the stage and also happened to put me four rows behind…Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson! Yes. I’m serious. I was just sitting there in my seat, minding my own business when I noticed two familiar faces walk through and sit down in the pit area not too far from me. I was like “Wow, that couple looks so familiar! I wonder how I know them. I mean really, I barely know anyone in LA so I really don’t know how-OH MY GOD thats Tom Hanks and his wife.” And after this realization, I had to keep my cool for three hours even though one of the greatest actors who has inspired me for years was about 10 feet away from me. Like if I sneezed, it would be completely plausible for Tom Hanks to say “bless you.” But unfortunately, I didn’t sneeze. So who really knows what would’ve happened.


Salads are dangerous

2. Prior to going to the theatre, I decided to grab some food, because food at concerts is way overpriced and ridiculous and I wasn’t going to spend 10 dollars on chicken tenders. So, I got a chicken caesar salad from a nearby cafe. A pretty innocent, harmless meal. Well, I ended up getting food poisoning from it. From a caesar salad. Who gets food poisoning from salad? Me, apparently. Because of this, I didn’t sleep too well that night and woke up numerous times in extreme pain and nausea. Finally at 5 am that morning, I said screw it and decided to just wake up and start the day. At 5 in the morning. In LA. No one in LA is awake that early. So what does one do at 5 am? Well I just decided to get Krispy Kreme, then write this post. That’s my life, guys. Now back to the concert.


Oh no

3. I was sitting next to these two girls who were definitely intoxicated and very loud. They talked throughout the entire Matt Nathanson performance and it got so bad and I was getting so irritated that I almost…tried politely asking them if they could please be a little quieter. But no, I didn’t. Instead I just held it in and let them babble on and on. But it kept getting worse. At one point there was a clip of a river playing on the big screen on stage during one of Matt Nathanson’s songs, and one of them yelled, “Oh my god. That’s like water. On the thing. They have a water thing.” Why.Why. I don’t know. And many, many times I heard them shout to each other,  “We should be on the stage, singing!” No, really. You shouldn’t. And as if they couldn’t get anymore frustrating, they randomly asked the people behind us if they were Matt’s parents. I don’t even know what made them ask that question, considering the couple they asked were in their late 40’s, early 50’s. Matt Nathanson is 41. So, I’m not sure how they put that one together. Basically, these two girls were driving me a little insane.


 “Everything Will Change”

4. That’s the title of a Gavin Degraw song, by the way. I’m clever I know. Anyways, now on to part 2 of the extremely loud, drunk girls sitting next to me. When Gavin came on and started singing, something spectacular happened. The irritation turned into something else. Apparently not everyoneknew every word to every song he played, however the three of us did. Pretty much, these two girls and I ended up dancing and singing to eachother during every song he sang. And by the end of the concert, we became friends. Gavin Degraw really brings people together. If it wasn’t for this concert, Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and I wouldn’t all be such good friends now. Good friends that have never actually spoken to eachother. But a friendship that still counts. Even if it was more of an encounter. It was a friendcounter.


My Phone Hates Me

5. My phone died. Yeah. The iphone that can last at 1% all freaking night, but the one time I need it to stay alive for three hours, it dies on me. When did it die on me? Right in the middle of Chariot. The second song Gavin played. And it battery wasn’t even that low when I got there! When I got to the concert, it was at 56%. And yes I was instagramming and making a few calls (to my mom, obviously). So by the time Mary Lambert went on, it was at 40%. But still, 40% is not bad at all! And when it hit 40%, I became a little more careful. Not that I had that much of a choice, there wasn’t really good service anywhere in that theatre to begin with. So, I just started using my phone strictly for pictures and video taking. Then during Matt Nathanson’s performance it hit 12%. What. How. So then I put it on airplane mode. And after he was finished, my phone was at 1%. I don’t even understand. So, then desperate me, went to the snack area and was looking up and down to find an outlet. Finally found one, and guess what? No charger. I had taken my charger out of my purse a few days before. Yup. And just never put it back in. So I did what any logical person would do. I began to panic. And then pray. Maybe it would survive through a few videos and pictures! It didn’t. However it did make it through half of a video and two pictures! So that is something! I will always cherish the half-chorus to Chariot that I now have recorded on my phone.


But besides my phone dying and the food poisoning, this was such a great night. I met some new people, Tom Hanks and I attended the same event together (sort of,  but not really at all), and I saw three great performances from three super talented people.

Alright well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Friday!

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