I'm a Little Insane


I grew up in a fairly small town in Massachusetts. A town that people lived in but no one really “hung out” in. We would travel 20 minutes or so to go to other towns that actually had coffee shops and fun little restaurants we could go to. But even those towns were small. Now I live in the largest city in the Country. I just made that up. It’s probably not the LARGEST, but it is pretty big. Where? Los Angeles California! If you didn’t get that already from the title of the blog or the URL itself, you’re an idiot. No I’m kidding. I’m the idiot. Who the hell moves 3,000 miles across the Country by themselves where they don’t know anyone? Crazy people. And yes i am that crazy person. I moved out here to follow my dreams and blah blah blah. I’m sure you’ve heard of people doing things along this sort, but hey! If you never try you’ll never know. And to be more specific, my “dream” is to become an actress. I mean obviously. why else would someone move here besides to get into the entertainment industry or to go to school? To become what, a pet psychic? I mean actually that might be a good business here, who knows. But back to the point.Here I am. 0 friends. 0 job. 0 plans. I’m just here and I’m going to try and make it. And you’re here to maybe read this or maybe just be the blog I talk to because who else am I going to tell all this to who will actually care. On here I will give you a step by step guide on how to survive LA. Unless I die. Then you shouldn’t follow any of these guidelines. Anyways, kick back, grab some froyo and starbucks and let’s get started.   Renee

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